Girls’ Generation in Las Vegas

I'm Seohyun biased and i've been observing quite intently on her recent graduation photos and her photoshoot recently. I noticed there was a pretty slight difference in seohyun's upper lips. It's even more obvious in her uni. graduation photos. I'm can't tell if she really did something to her upper lips and i don't have a single problem with that. I'm just saying this to garner your assumption. Does her upper lips really look different to you or is it just me? Still love her so much though <3

Yeah she put concealer/foundation on it lol


I am so incredibly proud to see Seohyun graduate from university. She is totally destroying the stereotype that idols, especially female, go into the entertainment business because they’re “too stupid” to do anything else and “have to rely on their bodies” to achieve anything in life. Seohyun decided to become an artist because it is something that she loves, but she also continued her education because it is something else that she also loves and considers important to her. She is showing the world that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and I think that that is one of the greatest gifts she can ever give to herself and her fans. Congratulations, Seohyun. I look forward to seeing what other wonderful things you will achieve through the power of knowledge and perseverance. 

taetiseo new leader, everyone xD

SNSD's introductions on Strongest Group.

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How nice omg thank you and may you have a lovely day every day! Hehe

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